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In From The Outside With Outsider WarriorMaiden

An Open Letter to PTC

To Whom It May Concern,

I wholeheartedly agree with your movement to cancel Smackdown! and bring it off of television. Even though I think that a child's tv watching should be monitored by a parent, I'm glad to see that you are taking the parent's decision out of their hands and into your own. I wish you guys were around when I was little. When I was five years old, I was watching the ultra-violent professional wrestling, and my dad was watching it with me. Not only that, but when my father was a kid, his dad watched it with him! Thank god I'm a law abiding, nonviolent citizen of the United States or else I would think that these pro wrestling programs lead to my criminal career. I also think that your organization should go a couple steps further in your crusade. For instance, The X Files, which has gunplay, violence, blood, guts, etc. shows at the nine o'clock hour, one hour ahead of the "family hour" of eight. Because of that, this emmy-winning series should be taken off the air. And what about Jerry Springer?? Sure it's on when most children are in school, but these kids nowadays, they know how to use a VCR. They can just tape the program without the parents even knowing about it. And the Cops TV series, which shows real domestic disputes, chases, etc. is on Saturday nights at eight o'clock! MY GOD!!! It's on at the "family hour" isn't it? I mean, even though this program shows how much respect you should give police for putting their lives on the line for us, let's ban this program for daring to show a man in a wife-beater who has had just a little bit too much Red Dog and talking loudly to police. God knows it's gonna remind half the kids in the audience of what their father is like. Well, maybe I am being a little bit too drastic. I mean, I have heard that some of the professional wrestlers won't let their kids watch the programs they are on because they believe they shouldn't watch it. And these guys have very hectic schedules. Maybe, if you and the other members of the organization would stop putting the blame on entertainment and actually look at yourselves and your kids and what they're watching, maybe you wouldn't have a problem with it. Spend more time with your kids and then maybe you would see what they are watching and decide for yourselves what they should watch. Damn the constitution and that freedom of speech amendment!!! That paper causes more trouble for what it's worth. If it wasn't for that damn thing, the WWF wouldn't be able to put the filth that's on TV now that millions (....and millions) of fans love to watch. The WCW wouldn't be able to put on their "crash TV" for the fans. And the ECW wouldn't be able to be as extreme as they wanna be. But wait a wouldn't be able to put up your website and say that these organizations are trash and not worth the advertising that these wrestling federations are getting. Hell, I wouldn't even be able to write this letter to you. So before you go off and blame others for the "degrading of the youth of America", why don't you look at yourselves? Maybe the only people in charge of degrading kids is you.


Kelley Addis