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Welcome to the Stingers Web. What a week it has been in the realm of the Stinger! Can we say 9 time WCW Heavy Weight Champion?! I for one thought for sure Sting would get screwed out of the title at the PPV Sunday. Not only did WCW manage to surprise us with a victory and a title, but they surprised us with a heel turn by the Stinger as well. While I have always been curious to see Sting as a heel, and find these turn of events quite entertaining, I must admit it is for the wrong reasons. To turn Sting heel simply to push Hogan over more as a face is all wrong. I sincerely hope it blows up in the face of WCW, and the fans follow Sting: good or bad. It would be neat to see Sting maybe as the Stone Cold of WCW. The bad guy everyone loves! Either way, I hope the powers that be at WCW finally stop manipulating Sting and his career for the sake of the fossilized Hogan, and portray him as the God of WCW he really is! As I step off my soap box, please take note of my updates this week, which include Nitro and Raw reports from 9/13, Fall Brawl results, and 38 NEW PICS OF STING!! 22 from Nitro, and 16 from the PPV! Enjoy and as always, please feel free to email me at with any questions or comments you may have.


Brittany Spears and Eminem make their wrestling debut!

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UPDATE!!! - 22 pictures of Sting from Nitro, 9/13, and 16 pictures of Sting from Fall Brawl!! Click HERE!!

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