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News and Rumors

Updated 6/7/00

The Sandman is going to be fined a large sum of money, and suspended for his actions in the ring in Pensacola over the weekend, when he removed his clothing, and was blatantly drunk. ECW and Sandman are both aware what a huge mistake it was. (credit Ryan Boyd/LOP)

Shawn Michaels will be throwing out the first pitch of the Arizona Diamondbacks/Anaheim Angels game on June 10. (credit

Meng was given his notice by WCW management. Also, WCW is allowing some of its talent to accept outside booking from independent promotions to try and generate some payroll relief. (credit Calvin Martin/LOP)

The book is by no means closed on the future of Lex Luger and Liz in WCW. They are definitely off Great American Bash but if cooler heads can prevail between everyone, they should be back soon. It should be noted that Liz and Lex can not go to any other federation because they are under WCW contract. So, chances are Lex will smarten up and adhere to WCW's booking. (credit Calvin Martin/LOP)

An old time WCW gimmick is going to be revived soon. No word on who will be doing or when it will be done. All we know is that most old time WCW loyalists will recognize it right off the bat and appreciate it. More information will be passed on when we learn it. (credit Calvin Martin/LOP)

Lenny Lane stated on WCW Live! last night that he has 54 days left on his contract. Once that is up he is "outta here". (credit Calvin Martin/LOP)

Hugh Morrus aka Captain Rection had a problem at the airport before arriving to Nitro this past Monday. Rection was stopped at the metal detectors because security had found a hand grenade in his gym bag. Of course the fake grenade is all part of a prop for his military gimmick. Reportedly alot of security came around and were giving him problems. Luckily one of the security guys who came up was a WCW fan and recognized Rection and everything was settled. (credit Calvin Martin/LOP)