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Monday Nitro Report

Nitro opens up recapping Hart/Goldberg last night, and how Piper came out, and Scott Hudson said it was Montreal all over again.

Madusa and Spice walk out, Madusa has a microphone, but is not carrying the Cruiserweight Title. Madusa talks about how she is the first female Cruiserweight champion, and that she proved women are dominating WCW with a little bit of T&A. Madusa goes on about how the Powers that Be are going to be the Powers that Was. She says "I am woman, watch me kick your ass". Madusa now sets out an open challenge to anyone backstage, to come out to the ring, Madusa then notices Buzzkill walking around with a woman's rights sign. She then invites Buzzkill to walk in the ring, and have the equal right to kick his ass. Madusa takes Buzzkill's sign and hits Buzzkill with it. Madusa with a couple missile drop-kicks to Buzzkill, Spice is distracting referee Mickey J. on the ringside, while Buzzkill delivers a Russian Leg Sweep to Madusa, but the referee is distracted. Spice throws an object to Madusa, and Buzzkill gets knocked out, Madusa gets the pin.

Winner: Madusa (Still Cruiserweight Champion)

The broadcast team is back to three men, and Bobby has those funky 70's glasses he had last night. The terrible three talk about Goldberg and Hart, and how this could be a landmark Nitro. Tonight's matches:

Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit: In another Ladder Match, so Jarrett has a fair chance.

Three-way-dance: DDP vs. Kanyon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Hardcore Tag Match: Meng/Norman Smiley vs. Fit Finlay/Brian Knobbs

Sid vs. The Wall

Jerry Flynn vs. Tank Abbott

Backstage, Russo is talking to Hennig and Creative Control, he says he is going to book Hennig vs. Hugh Morrus, and this needs to be Hugh's last match. Russo tells them to get Piper there.

Rowdy Roddy Piper arrives at the arena, and has his son with him, his son is very anxious to meet all the wrestlers.

Piper is sitting backstage talking to his son. Creative Control walks in and tells Piper that the boss is ready to see him, Piper convinces them to let him take his son with him.

Match #2: Hugh Morrus vs. Curt Hennig

Before Hennig totally makes his way out, we see Shane being beaten backstage, by a man in a black hood and a Scream like mask.

Hugh Morrus quickly takes the offensive in his bout against the member of Russo's squad. 20 seconds into the match, a bald, Mental patient type of man starts walking down to the ring. Hugh Morrus acts like he knows who the man is, and tells him to go to the back. It appears to be Hugh Morrus's father, Hugh calls him "Pop". Hugh goes back to the ring, and Hennig begins to beat down on him. Hennig with a chin lock on Hugh. The old man has came back down to ringside. Hennig with knife edge chops to Morrus, but Hugh wont sell them. The old man goes to the back, Hugh Morrus is distracted, Hennig hits him with a series of Face kicks. Hugh Morrus returns to the offensive, but the old man walks down again. Hugh leaves the ring to tell the man he needs two more minutes. Hugh heads back to the ring, but Hennig has the offense now, and Hennig hits Hugh Morrus with the Hennigplex. The old man comes down to check on Hugh Morrus.

Winner: Curt Hennig via Hennigplex.

Backstage, Russo is talking to Piper, Russo thinks Piper is looking for sympathy with his kid there. Russo claims he's an asshole, and says Piper made a deal with the devil, and Piper is really close to sealing the deal. Now all Piper has to do is go out to tell the crowd that he sold out, and was telling Piper that he had nothing to do with it, and that Piper has to go and take Russo's heat for all of this. Piper snaps, and starts yelling at Russo, talking about "His Sport", Piper talks about his 6,000 + Matches. He created half of Professional Wrestling, the other half was Hogan... "Hogan, Piper, MTV". Piper tells Russo he's the smartest of them all, and that he has been setting Russo up, and that Piper loves the fans, and he never sold out until he made this deal. He says he's going to make sure his son is safe, then come back and Shoot with Russo and his condom-head geeks.

The terrible three talk about what happened last night, and that Piper wouldn't do that, unless he had no choice...But Nash is in the ring, ready to talk.

Nash is talking about when you first break into the business, the veterans sit in the back and tell you the codes and conduct the boys live by. "One of the rules is, the boys, NEVER, screw one of the boys. In one hand, you've got the boys, in the other hand, you've got the office. Night in and Night out, we come in here and give our bodies, you see the boys, were kind of a fraternity, we've got to govern ourselves. The office, they're all about business. Because QUITE FRANKLY, the office doesn't give a shit about us. We've got not benefits, no medical, no dental, no social security, no retirement. He'll guarantee us one thing, the office can find a way to screw a boy to make a dollar, one of the boys are gonna get screwed. Bill Goldberg, I don't give a damn about you, but what happened to you last night at Starrcade, was BULLSHIT. See in this fraternity, if we don't watch out for ourselves, it's all over guys. The office, those bloodsucking, they'll take and take and take guys, and we'll have nothin left and they'll throw us to the curb. And that leaves me to you Bret Hart. Last night you broke that code, you screwed one of the boys, through the office you found a way for personal gain and you screwed one of the boys. You know Bret, you tell all the boys that you're the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be, buddy, you're nothing but a piece of shit."...And that's all that Big Kev has to say tonight.

Nitro recaps what happened during the break. Bret Hart arrived at the arena, looking very serious, and powerwalking into the arena.

Mene Gene is now talking to Creative Control, they deny that the Office had anything to do with last night.

Match 3

No Holds Barred: Jerry Flynn vs. Tank Abbott

Jerry Flynn begins with some martial arts moves, Tank and Flynn lock up and start throwing punches, the Ref tries to get involved, but he gets knocked out of the way everytime. Security tries to break things up, but they keep getting knocked down. Then loads of security come in, to break up the fight. Tank Abbott gets a cheap shot in by hitting Jerry Flynn when he is handcuffed.

Winner: No Decision

Backstage, Goldberg arrives to the arena, pissed off, in a silver corvette.

The Revolution makes their way out, while Nitro recaps Hacksaw's loss last night. Hacksaw took on the Revolution alone, and wouldn't tag in the Varsity Club. The Varsity Club turned on Hacksaw.

Douglas starts talking, but Saturn pulls the mic away from Shane. Saturn makes no sense, saying that last night, Shane Douglas got in the ring and answered the question...How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Shane then grabs the mic back, and tells Hacksaw to get out there, and rip up Old Glory like a used piece of toilet paper. "Stars and Stripes Forever" begins, and a very Sad Hacksaw walks out, slowly. Shane gets mad, when the fans wont stop chanting "USA". Shane demands that Hacksaw gives up the USA. Hacksaw sits in the ring, and says he wont do it. Hacksaw says he lied, and pushes Douglas down. The Revolution starts beating on Hacksaw. Douglas says they can do it the easy way, or the Revolution's way. Douglas gets ready to burn the American flag. Malenko pours gas on the US Flag. The Filthy Animals music starts up, and Konnan, Kidman and Rey Mysterio walk out. Rey Rey is on a crutch, but the Revolution scampers off.

Piper is shown backstage walking to the ring.

Roddy Piper is in the ring, he says he's Piper, and he sold out. Piper says that he's the real deal, and he isn't a phoney, and he doesn't take this phoney act that is going on. He tells Russo that he is writing a bunch of crap that no one wants to see, and the people want to see guys fight, not a bunch of BS like they are writing. He says that Bottom line, Goldberg is right. He says that WCW has treated him better than any other organization, and if he quits if Russo is going to make him keep doing the crap they are. Piper quits...Thats it. (Great interview)...Piper's son walks out, and stands by him...But they are met by Goldberg on the entrance ramp. Goldberg confronts Piper.

Goldberg says he's been up all night, trying to make sense of this crap. Goldberg says that he's looked up to some guys in the business, and he respected Piper, until last night. Piper was forced with a decision, and he made the wrong decision. Goldberg says he would never sell out, Piper tells Goldberg to never be a phony. Goldberg says he'd carry the torch. Hart is out, and says that nobody knows what it's like to get screwed more than him. Hart says he doesn't want walk around with that title, the title is vacant, Hart says he's going to go tell Russo to shove the title up their ass.

Now Bret is in the Office, and is yelling at Russo, Hart calls Russo a piece of shit. Bret throws the title at Russo, and Russo tells Hart that he can fight Goldberg tonight, and get his ass beat, just like he would've last night.

Match #4

Hardcore Tag Match: "THE MONSTER" Meng/"Screamin" Norman Smiley vs. Fit Finlay/Brian Knobbs

Smiley comes out in a Ravens Jersey, and makes a peace offering to Meng, but Meng starts beating down on his own partner. Finlay and Knobbs come down to beat on Meng, and Smiley at the same time. Fit Finlay puts on the football helmet, and starts headbutting Norman Smiley. The fight migrates to the entranceway, and is involving many trash cans, and other items from the Cart Full o' Goodies. Norman runs through the crowd when Finlay and Knobbs chase after him. They chase him through the crowd. Conveniently, a camera is waiting for them, the fight is now taking place in a Bathroom. Knobbs is giving Smiley a swirly in the toilet. Brian Knobbs pins Norman Smiley. They continue to beat on Smiley with a stall door.

Winners: Fit Finlay/Brian Knobbs

Piper is telling his son that they are going to have some fun, after Piper takes care of some business with his baseball bat.

We see Paisley talking about The Artist's first recording session.

Hart confronts Piper backstage. Piper tells Hart to get out of his way, Piper is insane.

Symphony and Maestro and the Bubbles make their way to the ring.

Match #5

Evan Karagis vs. Maestro

Shoot me...Maestro is stomping on Karagis early on, Maestro keeps Karagis grounded to the mat. Karagis starts to mount offense but Maestro takes over again, Karagis with a flying body slam, but only gets a two count. Symphony tries to distract Evan, and Karagis goes to the top rope, but Maestro covers Karagis and gets the pin. Evan was distracted by Symphony faking an injury

Winner: Maestro

Backstage, Piper is DESTROYING the Power's Office set with a baseball bat, he his hitting EVERYTHING he sees with the bat. He starts hitting a TV, but the TV wont break, someone turns off the TV to make it look like something happened...But the bat's plastic, right?

Chavo is backstage, making sure Evan is okay, Chavo offers Evan a book called "How to Pick up Chicks". But it pisses Evan off, and he starts beating the hell out of Chavo.

Match #6

Chris "Champagne" Kanyon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Diamond Dallas Page

CCK talks about how he single-handedly destroyed the Triad, and on Monday, he beat Bam Bam Bigelow. And then he blew by Page on Thursday. Kanyon stands outside the ring, while DDP and Bigelow look to want to work on Kanyon alone. The three men lock up, DDP and BBB get the best of CCK. DDP and Bam Bam deck Kanyonwith a double punch, DDP hen gets some payback on CCK with a shoulder block. Kanyon is holding his own for a little while, but DDP and Bam Bam take over, until they start fighting with each other. They fight with each other, until they take Kanyon out. Bigelow sets Kanyon up, and gives him Greetings from AsBury park, Page shakes Bam Bam's hand, and then Diamod Cuts him, then threatens to Diamond cut the ref. Then Page kisses a fan at ringside, then walks out. Kanyon hits Bam Bam with a bottle of Champagne. And makes the cover, and gets the three count, and win.

Winner: Chris "Champagne" Kanyon

Kevin Nash is shown walking to the ring.

Match #7

Handicap Match: Creative Control vs. Kevin Nash

Nash walks out after Creative Control, and Scott hall slowly follows him, on Crutches. Nash throws up the Wolfpack sign. Creative Control retreats to the outside of the ring, not ready for both Outsiders...But Hall is injured, so he shouldn't be a factor. Nash backs one of the Creative Control members into the corner, and delivers knees to the midsection. The other man is in, but Nash gives him a side slam. Hall is directing traffic for Nash on the outside. Nash gets double teamed by Creative Control, and hits the mat. Scott Hall gets up, and in the ring, and the Outsiders start beating on Creative Control with Crutches. Scott Hall looks quite alright. Creative Control Runs away.

Winner: Kevin Nash

The Total Package is upstairs, with Liz Next to him, Liz is mocking hitting him with a bat, Package looks like Sting, with Black Hair and everything.

Match #8

Ladder Return Match: US Title: Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett

(I hope this one is as good as last night)...Jarrett whips Benoit into the ropes, Jarrett gets kicked by Benoit, head kick takedown. Benoit with an elbow drop to Jarrett's head. Benoit and Jarrett fight into the corner, Jarrett has his legs draped over the top rope, and is sitting in a vulnerable position. Benoit does a baseball slide drop-kick to the head of Jarrett. Jarrett escapes from the ring, and heads to the outside to get the ladder, but Benoit catches him, and they brawl around ringside. Benoit brings a chair in the ring, and sets it up in the corner, in-between the top two turnbuckles. Benoit with knife edge chops, and then whips Jarrett into the chair. Now Benoit whacks Jarrett on the back with the chair. Benoit with a snap Suplex on the chair, and Benoit is blowing his nose now. Jarrett is trying to get up, but Benoit keeps him grounded with kicks, Benoit is whipping Jarrett into the ropes, but Jarrett's knee gives out, and he rolls to the outside. Benoit starts to climb the ladder, but the rungs cave in, and Benoit tries to climb up the other side of the ladder, but the other side caves in, but Jarrett is in and clocks Benoit with the guitar. Jarrett gets another ladder from under the ring. Jarrett climbs the ladder, and we have a new US CHAMP.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett (New US Champion)

Jarrett and Mene Gene are talking backstage, about his new title, Hennig tells Jarrett that they need to see him in the limo, right now.

Match #9

Sid Vicious vs. The Wall w/ Berlyn

Sid and Wall quickly move the battle to the outside, the battle moves back to the inside, and Sid has Wall ready for the powerbomb, but Berlyn is on the apron, and distracts the Wall. The Wall chokeslams Sid and gets the win, then Sid powerbombs Berlyn. Sid asks if Berlyn wants another, but Wall stands up to Sid, they shake hands, and I guess Wall won the match.

Winner: The Wall

Backstage, Tony Marinara is talking to his Daddy. His Dad is talking to Disco, telling him that he's always liked Disco, but now Disco has pissed him off. They tell Disco to make a choice.

Backstage, Bret Hart is stretching for his match, as is Goldberg, for their match tonight.

The Varisty club makes their way out, with their Cheerleader, Kimona.

Match #10

Harlem Heat vs. Mike Rotunda/Rick Steiner

Rotunda gets on the mic, and takes down Maryland, and then Rick Steiner asks Booker T where his girlfriend is at. Booker T and Rotunda start the fight off, Rotunda is pretty much having his way with Booker T, Rotunda tags in Rick Steiner. Steiner shows us that he is just as slow as the day he got powerbombed. Booker T gets whipped into the ropes, Mike Rotunda hits him from the outside, but Booker knocks him down, Rick Steiner stays in the ring, while Rotunda and Booker T fight on the outside. Steiner now has Booker in a choke hold, Stevie Ray is trying to get tagged in, but Booker T can't reach. Booker and Rotunda are now fighting on the outside, while Steiner keeps the ref from seeing it. Steiner covers Booker T, but only gets a 2 count. Booker T with a failed drop-kick on Steiner. Steiner tags in Rotunda. Rotunda tags in Sullivan, as him and Steiner trade places at the broadcast position. Now, Rotunda and Steiner trade places. Steiner gets in the ring, and slows the match down...Now, Booker T with a Rock Bottom on Mike Rotunda. (The cheerleaders name is Lei Meow). Stevie Ray takes out Rutnda and Steiner alone, while Sullivan is beating on Booker T from the outside. Rotunda and Steiner are beating on Stevie Ray on the inside...But the lights go out, and the bell dongs...MIDNIGHT, Stevie Ray is beating on Rotunda, and Stevie Ray is arguing with Midnight, Rotunda rolls up Stevie Ray, and the Varsity Club gets the win. A Tag team known as PG-13 jumps in the ring and attacks The Varsity Club.

Winners: Varsity Club

Backstage, The Gothic Chick walks up to Gerry Only of the Misfits, and they flirt, the girl kicks Gerry in the groin, and then bites his face, and runs away.

David Flair is coming out, Holding hands with Daphne, the Gothic Woman, who sent in the Nitro party tape a while back. David takes his Golden Crowbar to Penzer, and Daphne starts kicking Flair. David has the mic, and he's calling out Vampiro, and says that he put his hands on the woman he loves, so he needs to come down here so he can whoop his ass. (FUNNY STUFF). Vampiro comes out and apologizes, but then says he's sorry that Flair is a Psycho freak, and that his girlfriend is twice as mental as he is...But Flair and Daphne beat on Vampiro and the Misfits with the Crowbar. David and Daphne leave the ring, all laughing and psycho.

Backstage, paramedics are attending to Vampiro and the Misfits.

Mene Gene calls out Buff Bagwell, Buff comes out for a little interview action. Buff Daddy starts by sucking up to Baltimore. Buff talks about his Neck, and how he's made it back from that, and he's been a 4 time world tag team champion, with three different partners. Buff says that it's time that WCW puts some gold around his waist. He talks about them trying to keep him down, and giving him the shaft. Gene asks about rumors about him and Kimberly Page, Buff gets mad, and tells Gene something without the mic, and denies the rumors. Buff says that Kimberly is about a 10 on his scale, Buff starts talking about how if DDP wasn't married to Kimberly, then Buff would put his Stuff *censored out*. Buff says that since Gene has been drilling him with questions, and when Gene gets in the elevator, and heads up to his room, and when you see 6'1", 130 lbs of Tan skin laying in your bed, are you going to kick it out?...This starts up DDP's music, and here comes DDP...BUT DDP is on the other side, and starts brawling with Buff. The two fight for a couple minutes, and Nitro goes to commercial.

Piper is in the locker room, telling all the guys backstage, that they are the best bunch of wrestlers that he has ever worked with. Piper starts lecturing them all about what to do, and what not to do. Penis is getting into this lecture, and telling them all to make the company take care of them.

Jarrett is looking through some stuff.

Main Event

WORLD TITLE REMATCH: Bret Hart vs. Goldberg

Bret Hart comes out first, and the Goldberg w/ Pyro comes out...Goldberg is getting MUCHO pyro tonight...Hence he will win the title. Goldberg dominates Hart early in the ring, Hart moves the fight to the outside, and he continues his domination on the outside. The fight moves back to the inside, Goldberg whips Hart into the ropes, and Hart goes down. Goldberg puts Hart in the anklelock submission that he is so fond of lately. Hart has taken the match back over, and is working on the legs of Goldberg, getting him ready for the sharpshooter. Goldberg takes to Hart's neck, and the referee goes down. Hart with a low blow, Hart puts the figure four on Goldberg, but the ref is out. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are down and they both have bats, the men beat on Goldberg with the bats, They hand the bats to Bret Hart, and Hart hits Goldberg with the bat. Piper covers Goldberg, to shield him from Hart. Hart wins the title. Jarrett comes in, and hits Piper with the guitar. JARRETT IS SPRAYPAINTING NWO ON GOLDBERG AND PIPER'S BACKS!!! THE NWO MUSIC STARTS UP!!! TERRIBLE! I AM SICK OF THIS ANGLE! NWO! NWO! NITRO IS OVER!

Credit to Mr. Riggs and for these results

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