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December 20th, 1999

- Before the show, Triple H and Stephanie were sitting backstage with the Posse in suits. Stephanie and HHH said that no one in the WWF now has no Christmas spirit, and they must give, like the McMahons always do! Test came to the ring with some sort of nose protection on his face. Lilian, the announcer, announced that Test is facing the Outlaws in a handicap match! Test was confused on why this is, but he had to face the Outlaws anyways. Road Dog and Badd Ass worked on Test's nose eventually getting the win. Back in HHH and Stephanie's locker room, Triple H told Edge, Christian, and the Hardy's that they were going to fight again this week and instead of the tag team against tag team, Edge will team with Matt, and Christian will team with Jeff Hardy, and they would all fight! Both weren't happy about this but they had to go with it.

- Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie talked to Kurt Angle. Triple H ordered him to face Viceria later on. Stephanie wasn't happy about it because she thinks Angle is "cute". Back in the ring, Matt Hardy and Edge fought Jeff Hardy and Christian. In the end, Jeff and Christian won, but Jeff accidently busted Matt's nose open. Back in the locker room, Triple H and Stephanie gave Mea Young and Mula their Christmas present, ordering them to face the Acolytes, and the Dudley Boys in a triple threat match! Stephanie told HHH that she wants to give JR her "present".

- Triple H and Stephanie came to the ring and called up Jim Ross to the ring. Stephanie told JR that she liked it when she slapped him on Smackdown. She then shoved him over Triple H's back! They both started to taunt JR and HHH tried to break his arm again, until Mankind made an entrance! Mick told HHH to try to pick on someone his own size like himself! HHH said he'll just to that, and ordered Mankind that he will face someone in the broiler room later on! Mankind asked if it was Triple H, because he wanted him in there! HHH said it might be him, or it might not. He is not telling anyone who Mankind is going to face until later! Stephanie slapped Mick to add more tention.

- Kurt Angle fought Viceria. During the contest, Steve Blackman came to ringside and nailed Viceria in the back with a kendo stick allowing Angle the win. Backstage, Stephanie had a smile on her face, but told HHH that she had nothing to do with it.

- Mea Young and Mula came to the ring. The Dudleys came down and told Mea and Mula the three comanments and then attacked them! Sexual Chocalate Mark Henry was watching backstage. The Acolytes then came down and helped Mula and Mea destroy the Dudley's. In the end, the Acolytes were beating on the Dudley's when Mark Henry ran down and helped them destroying the Dudley's. Henry then conforted Young. Back in the locker room, Triple H said that Mankind will face "Santa Clause" in the broiler room!

- Mankind was doing an interview saying he doesn't want to fight "Santa". The Posse attacked Mick and through him in the broiler room. A Santa Clause talked to Mick and Mankind said he doesn't want to face him, so he wants Santa to go back to the "north pole" and say he beat Mankind in a broiler room brawl! It was funny! The Posse then all attacked Mick in the broiler room dressed as Santa's. Then the Outlaws were dressed as Santa's and then attacked Mick too! Mankind grabbed some glass and was gonna hit one of the Outlaws, but Triple H bashed a bag of stuff over his head smashing the glass against Mick's face!

- Backstage, Triple H, Stephanie, and the Posse were looking at the replay of of what just happened and Al Snow came in. He asked for a bramra bull match against the Rock, and he got it. The Godfather entertained the crowd then Chris Jericho came down for the match. During the contest, Chyna came down and low blowed the Godfather allowing Jericho to retain the title. Chyna smiled at Jericho after the match. Backstage, Triple H told BB that she will be with Val Venis later, and Terri Runnels that she will be with Hardcore Holly, and when eaither wreslter is fallen of the floor or over the ropes, his lady must take off an article of clothing!!

- BB and Terri came out in their black dresses. Hardcore Holly and Val Venis then fought. Triple H came out and started the match. At one point, both Val and Holly went over the ropes, and HHH ordered the ladies to remove their dress! Later Val touched the floor and Terri was excused and HHH ordered BB to take off her top!! BB did just that, but HHH was covering the "puppies" with his jacket! She then ran back embarased about it!

- Al Snow came to the ring with new entrance music and then fought the Rock in a brama bull match. During the contest, the referee was knocked out after being hit with the bull rope. Al Snow went to get a chair, but got a DDT from the Rock. The Outlaws ran down to attack the Rock, but they got kicked out of the ring! The Rock was gonna do the people's elbow but Billy Gunn hit him in the back with a steel chair before he could do it! The Rock was covered, but he stayed up! The Outlaws came in and attacked the Rock some more allowing Al Snow the victory! Backstage, the Posse was playing around and accidently spilt water and flowers on Triple H. He was mad, but he held himself and then ordered them to fight Too Cool! I don't know why, but they were happy about it!

- Back in the locker room, Tori was complaining to Triple H and Stephanie. HHH told Tori that he'll give her a break and allow Kane to fight the Big Show for the title, and if Kane looses, Tori gets to spend the holidays with X-Pac!

- The Posse came down to the ring and it was announced that they all are fighting Too Cool and Rakishi Phatu! Both took egual beatings and in the end, Too Cool got the win! Following the match, the lights went "cool" and Too Cool did a funny dance!

- Kane fought the Big Show for the WWF Championship while Triple H and Stephanie watched on their up-front seat on the ramp. During the match, HHH got the mic and told the referee that the contest is no DQ! Then, later HHH and Stephanie say no count out, and falls count anywhere! They make the rules as it goes! Later, the Outlaws came down and tried to get close to Tori, but Kane blocked them off. The Big Show slammed Kane through the announce table and got the win! The Outlaws then took Tori and brought her up the ramp. DX abducted Tori at the end of the show!!

Credit to Calvin Martin and for these results

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