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November 14th, 1999

Match 1 Godfather, D'Lo Brown, and the Headbangers vs. Acolytes and Dudley Boyz

Eight Man Elimination Match

Godfather came out first with all his hos and did his thing on the mic. Dlo comes out next dressed up in pimp attire. Very similar to the Godfather except Dlo had a top hat, cane, and a cigar. Headbangers come out next. They are dressed like something from out of the 70's, afros and all. Dudleys came out next dressed as they nornally would be. Buh Buh gets on the mic and asks the Godfather if he is going to offer them the hos. Buh Buh stutters on the word ho. Godfather replied back stuttering no. Acolytes came out as their normal badass selves.

Mosh and Buh Buh lock up to start off the match. A few minutes later Bradshaw is tagged in and hits Thrasher with the clothesline from hell to eliminate him. Dudleys eliminate Mosh with 3D. Bradshaw brings a chair in the ring and hits Dlo and Buh Buh. The referee eliminates Bradshaw via DQ. Dvon and Faarooq fought all the way to the back to be counted out/eliminated. Buh Buh hits Dlo with a top rope Buh Buh bomb. Dlo kicked out at two. Dlo eliminates Buh Buh after Godfather hit Buh Buh with the ho train then Dlo did the lowdown on him to get the win.

Winners: Godfather and Dlo Brown

Match 2 Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Stasiak

The match starts off with Angle doing a fireman's carry takeover on Stasiak. Ironically, there are some boring chants early in the match. During the match Angle gets on the mic and tells the crowd they shouldn't booo an olympic gold medalist. Angle ends up getting the pin on Stasiak with a modified fall away slam. Ross did a good job of trying to get Angle over as a heel by saying he is getting heavily booed. Actually I didn't hear much booing at all except for the first part of the match.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 3 Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel & Steve Blackman vs. The Bulldog, Joey Abs, Rodney & Pete Gas

Eight Man Elimination Match

Val and Bulldog started off the match. Bulldog did his vertical suplex on Val then tagged in Pete Gas. A few minutes later in the match Blackman eliminates Pete with a big boot to the face. Gangrel eliminates Rodney with a ddt. Mark Henry eliminates Joey Abs with a splash. Bulldog is the only man left on his team now. Bulldog eliminates Gangrel with a superplex. Bulldog eliminates Blackman with a fisherman's suplex. Henry splashes Bulldog and Val follows up with the money shot to eliminate Bulldog.

Winners: Val Venis and Mark Henry

Match 4 Ivory, Jacqueline, Luna, and Terri vs. Tori, Debra, Fabulous Moolah, and Mae Young

One Fall - Sudden Death Match

The match started off when Mae Young attacked Ivory before she ever made it to the ring. Mae Young pins Ivory with help from Moolah on a double clothesline. Short match. Lots of fighting after the match though. The key to this match is that it was a sudden death match.

Winners: Tori, Debra, Fabulous Moolah, and Mae Young

Match 5 X-Pac vs Kane

Match starts off with Kane over powering Xpac. Kane hoists Xpac up in the air, chokes him, then drops him. Xpac dropkicks Kane off the top to the floor. Xpac sends Kane into the ring steps. Back in ring Kane with uppercuts to the throat of Xpac. Xpac comes back with a spinning heel kick. Xpac goes for the bronco buster buts gets caught in a choke hold and then a backbreaker. Kane comes off the top with a clothesline on Xpac. Kane follows up with a chokeslam. RoadDogg comes out and pulls Kane off the pin attempt. Xpac hits the x-factor but Kane kicks out. Triple H hits Kane in the head with the belt as Kane was fixing to tombstone Xpac. All of DX attack Kane. Tori comes out to try to make a save but gets a spinning heel kick from Xpac for her troubles. Kane gets to his feet and DX clears the ring. EMT's come out to check on Tori.

Winner: Kane by DQ

Match 6 Big Boss Man, Prince Albert, Viscera, and Mideon vs. Big Show, Taka, Funaki, and Blue Meanie

Eight Man Elimination Match

Big Show eliminates Mideon and Prince Albert in the first minute of the match with chokeslams. A couple of minutes later Big Show eliminates Viscera with the choke slam. Bossman is the only person left. He's so scared he leaves the ring and gets counted out/eliminated. It should be noted that Big Show won the whole match in less than five minutes before his partners even came out. But then again, he beat his partners up on Sunday Night Heat, so they were not going to come out anyways.

Winner: Big Show

Before the next match takes place Steve Austin was hit by a car in the parking garage. No clue on who it was. Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, Jim Dotson, Test and Stephanie, and Shane all go to check on him. Vince is irate. DX shows up on the scene and Vince orders them out of the area. EMT's stretcher Austin into the ambulance. Apparently, Vince will accompany Austin to the hospital. My only guess on who did it is either Vince or The Rock.

Match 7 Chris Jericho vs. Chyna

Intercontinental Championship Match

Match starts off with Kitty and Chyna putting the boots to Jericho. Chyna dropkicks Jericho in the gut while Jericho got stuck in the tree of woe briefly. Chyna does a huricanrana on Jericho then gives him several shots to the face. Jericho clothesline Chyna coming off the ring apron out to the floor. Jericho tosses Chyna into the announce position then pours a drink on her. Jericho exposes the steel on the security wall and slams Chyna at it. Back in ring Jericho comes off the top with a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Jericho does a vertical suplex on Chyna and gets a 2 count after a lame cover. Jericho taunts Miss Kitty by gyrating his hips towards her. Jericho kisses Kitty outside the ring. Kitty jumps on his back but Jericho drops her with a snapmare. Jericho powerbombs Chyna and she kicks out at 2. Jericho misses the lionsault then Chyna starts to make a comeback. Chyna does two handsprings into a back elbow on Jericho then a ddt but only gets a 2 count out of it. Jericho hits Chyna with the belt. Chyna kicks out at 2. Chyna puts the pedigree on Jericho. Jericho kicks out at 2. Jericho puts Chyna in the walls of Jericho. Chyna makes it to the ropes. Jericho had thought he won. Chyna counters a superplex from Jericho with a shot to the croth then pedigree's him from the top for the 3 count.

Winner and still IC Champ: Chyna

DX interupts Shane, Test, and Stephanie in the back. Triple H says he did set Austin up but they did not hit him with the car. Triple H asks Shane if it is going to be a 2 on 2 main event match. Shane orders DX out.

Match 8 The Hollys and Too Much vs. Edge, Christian, and the Hardys Eight Man Elimination Match

Match starts off with Taylor and Edge going at it trading chops. Bodies start to fly everywhere on the outside. Hardcore Holly eliminates Edge with a rollup by surprise. Taylor eliminates Matt Hardy. Too Much double powerbombs Jeff Hardy. Jeff kicks out at two. Jeff Hardy eliminates Scott Taylor with a 1 and a 1/2 splash. Awesome move. Brian Christopher eliminates Jeff Hardy with a top rope leg drop. Christian eliminates Brian Christopher with a reverse ddt. So now it's down to Christian against the Hollys. Christian eliminates Crash with a tomakazie. Hardcore eliminates Christain for the win. Hardcore has Christian on his shoulders. Christian was trying to counter but Hardcore dropped him right to the mat for the pin.

Winner: Hardcore Holly

Shane is in the back saying Austin has suffered head trauma and that he will not be in the main event.

Match 9 Mankind & Al Snow vs. New Age Outlaws

Tag Team Championship Match

Match starts off with Mr Ass backing Mankind into the corner with kicks and fists. Mr Ass hits a neckbreaker on Mankind for a 2 count. Mr Ass puts Mankind in a sleeper. Ass and Manind roll out to the floor. NAO double team Mankind. Back in ring Al hits RoadDogg with a jawbreaker. Al hits RoadDogg with a chair on the outside. Al slings RoadDogg into a clothesline from Mankind. Al repeatedly stomps on RoadDogg in the corner. Mankind hits RoadDogg with a running knee lift for a 2 count. RoadDogg does the juke n jive on Al. All four men going at it now. The fight spills to the outside. Mr Ass drops Al across an announce table. Later on in the match Al almost takes RoadDogg's head off with a clothesline. Mr Ass hits the fameasser on Mankind. RoadDogg makes the cover but Mankind kicks out at two. Mankind goes downstairs on RoadDogg then hits him with a double arm ddt. Al hits Mr Ass with head. Mankind covers but only gets a two. NAO hit Mankind with a spike piledriver for the 3 count.

Winners and still tag champs: New Age Outlaws

Match 10 The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Big Show

Triple Threat Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

In this match Vince McMahon is supposed to be the special referee but he is at the hospital with Steve Austin, who is also supposed to be in this match, but has head trauma. Right now we don't know who the third person is going to be. But wait. It's the Big Show. Earl Hebner is the referee. Match starts off with Big Show dominating Rock and Triple H. The Rock hits Big Show from behind as he was fixing to chokeslam Triple H. Rock and Triple H clothesline Big Show to the outside. The Rock posts Big Show on the ring post. Big Show puts his foot in Triple H's throat in the corner. Rock hits Big Show with a side russian leg sweep. Rock connects with the people's elbow on the Big Show but Triple H makes the save. Big Show does a sidewalk slam on the Rock. Big Show and Triple H fight up the aisle. Big Show miliraty press slams Triple H onto a security gate. The Rock comes up the aisle and him and Triple H fight in the entrance way. Triple H clothesline the Rock on the floor. Big Show gets back up and starts to attack Triple H. The Rock hits Big Show right in the head with a fire extinguisher. Triple H racks Big Show as he was fixing to chokeslam the Rock. Big Show sends Triple H into the ring steps twice. The Rock spits water in Big Show's face. The Rock hits Big Show with the ring bell. Triple H and Rock double suplex Big Show through the spanish announce table. Rock and Triple H fight into the stands. Back in ring Rock stomps down Triple H in the corner. Rock accidently hits Earl Hebner with a clothesline. Rock counters the pedigree and catapults Triple H into the turnbuckle. Rock hits the rock bottom on Triple H. Shane comes out to make the count but only a 2. After a second rock bottom on Triple H, Big Show pulls Shane out of the ring. Big Show attacks Rock on the main announce table. Big Show sends Rock into the ring steps. Triple H has the belt in his hands. Shane takes it away from him. Triple H pedigrees Shane. Rock with a ddt on Triple H. Big Show knocks out Rock with an elbow. DX come down to the ring and attack Rock and Big Show. Here comes Vince. Vince knocks out Triple H with the belt. Big Show chokeslams Triple H and covers him while Vince makes the three count. After the match Rock has some words with Vince while Big Show celebrates in the ring.

Winner and new WWF champion: Big Show

Credit to Calvin Martin and for these results

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